Criminal law: Expungement of Certain Criminal Records

As a criminal lawyer, I receive numerous telephone calls from people wanting to expunge their criminal conviction(s). Missouri has not permitted the expungement of a criminal conviction, with the exception of a first time offense of driving while intoxicated – until now.  HB 1647 was signed by the Governor and will become law effective August 28, 2012. HB 1647 provides that “A person is allowed to apply for the expungement of certain criminal records after 10 years have elapsed for a specified misdemeanor and 20 years for a specified felony since the person has completed his or her imprisonment or any period of probation or parole. . . .” This expungement process will not apply to all criminal convictions, but will instead apply to only certain types of criminal records. For more information regarding whether you may now successfully proceed with an expungement, please contact me at or (573) 635-7166.

Scott Hamblin