Child Custody Lawyer

Fighting for the custody of your child can be one of the most difficult, trying experiences a parent can go through. If you are currently in the position of trying to obtain custody of your child(ren), Brydon, Swearengen & England can help. Our child custody lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable and will work to represent you and keep your family together.

Why Do You Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

As in most areas of litigation, there are certain parts of child custody law that can be difficult to understand without years of experience and training in law. This is something only a professional child custody lawyer can provide.

Plus, the reality is that in a child custody law dispute, there is another party fighting for exactly the same outcome you are. That means that if you do not seek representation, your ex may do the opposite and obtain a child custody lawyer who can easily defeat you in a court of law.

How Much Does a Child Custody Lawyer Cost?

The cost of a child custody lawyer depends not only on the particular lawyer’s standard billing but the time and effort required by each particular case. If you are interested in the cost of the child custody law services, at Brydon, Swearengen & England, please contact us today.

What Can You Expect from a Child Custody Lawyer?

Child custody cases can vary greatly, and often change moment to moment. While there may have seemed to have been a mutual understanding between both parties, it is not uncommon for that original agreement to unravel, leaving one party or the other to feel as if legal action is their only recourse. Fortunately, the experienced lawyers at Brydon, Swearengen & England have decades of experience in litigating child custody law and can prepare you for any potential twist or turn your case may take.

Areas Our Family Lawyers Represent

The attorneys at Brydon, Swearengen & England are available to represent potential clients in any of the following areas in Missouri:

  • Jefferson City
  • Columbia
  • Moberly
  • Eldon
  • Linn
  • Osage Beach
  • Camdenton
  • Holts Summit
  • Fulton
  • Ashland
  • Other mid-Missouri areas