Driving and Traffic Offenses

Violations Our Traffic Lawyers Can Represent You for There are a multitude of driving and traffic offenses which are considered criminal in nature. These criminal offenses are classified as infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. Infractions are punishable by fine. Misdemeanors are punishable by fine and/or jail. Felonies may be punishable by fine, jail and/or prison sentences. […]

Personal Injury/Accident

Individuals and families experience life changing circumstances when a husband, wife, or child is seriously injured or dies. Personal injury claims are not limited to car accidents, but include all types of motor vehicle collisions, claims, premises liability claims, product liability claims, worker’s compensation claims and wrongful death claims. These types of claims are referred […]


Conservatorship: Jefferson City lawyers and attorneys. Conservatorship is the process for exercising care over another’s person’s finances and money. A conservatorship can be sought independently or in connection with a guardianship. Conservatorship may be sought by adult children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members. There are any number of different reasons why a […]

Automobile Accidents

Causes of Automobile Accidents   Car accidents and car collisions, truck accidents and truck collisions, and semi-tractor trailer accidents and collisions may all be caused as a result of inattention, negligent operation of a vehicle, or the reckless operation of a vehicle. A driver who is reckless is one who operates a vehicle unsafely with […]

Professional Licensing

Professsional Licensing Attorneys in Jefferson City, MO Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C. offers a wide range of services in the professional licensing law arena on behalf of doctors/physicians/surgeons, nurses, podiatrists, pharmacists, pharmacies, psychologists, professional counselors, social workers, real estate appraisers, architects, and professional engineers.   Licensing Boards with which our professional licensing attorneys have experience: […]

Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses: What You Need to Know   Criminal drug offenses range from simple possession for personal use to offenses involving large scale drug distribution, drug trafficking and drug conspiracies. Cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana criminal offenses have been prevalent for the last decade as well as abuse of prescription medications. Many of these criminal drug […]

DUI/DWI Lawyers

Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) or Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) are terms interchangeably used in Missouri to describe the criminal offense of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of either alcohol or a controlled substance. While the criminal offenses of driving while intoxicated (DWI/DUI) are relatively common, hiring an experienced DUI lawyer/criminal attorney […]

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Jefferson City, MO Being arrested for a violation of a criminal law or criminal offense usually involves a range of emotions including disbelief, embarrassment, frustration, or even fear. The arrest is usually the first step in the legal process. A person is placed in handcuffs and transported to the county jail. […]

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

When to get a Pre-Nuptial Agreement Pre-nuptial agreements are designed to protect the separate, non-marital property of persons prior to their marriage. The purpose is to prevent a party from losing property they may have acquired prior to marriage in a subsequent divorce. Pre-nuptial agreements are a generally a good idea for persons marrying later […]


Grandparents Grandparents often inquire about grandparent “rights” when is comes to seeing their grandchildren when the parents divorce or contemplate divorce. A court may grant grandparents “rights” known as grandparent visitation in limited circumstances. Where the parents have filed for divorce, grandparents may intervene solely to have the court award to them a visitation schedule […]

Estate Planning

Estate Planning in Jefferson City, MO Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C. offers a variety of representation for estate planning, elder law and conservator/guardianship matters in Jefferson City and the surrounding Missouri region. Whether you need assistance with large or small estate matters or have a family member or loved one who may need legal advice, […]

Utilities, Energy Law and Telecommunications

Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications Law Attorneys in Jefferson City, MO Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C. represents clients in diverse and complex matters before the Missouri Public Service Commission, which has power to prescribe the rates, charges and business practices of public utilities doing business within the state of Missouri. The firm serves the telecommunications, electric, […]

Alcohol Beverage

Alcohol Beverage Law / Liquor Law Counseling Commitment The Alcohol Beverage Industry Group of Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C. provides alcohol beverage law/ liquor law counseling, including liquor licensing, transactional, litigation and related services to a wide variety of national, regional and local clients involved in the manufacture, distribution and retail sale of alcohol beverages. […]

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Attorneys in Jefferson City, MO Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C.’s experienced attorneys provide legal representation to our clients, both large and small, in all areas of real estate law – from the purchase of a residential home to the sale of a commercial building.   Whether representing developers, lenders, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, […]


Bankruptcy Attorneys in Jefferson City, MO Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C., provides representation in consumer bankruptcy matters. Under federal law, consumers may seek protection from creditors’ claims in the form of a Chapter 7 liquidation or Chapter 13 reorganization in which some or all of their debts may be discharged or restructured.   This is […]

Administrative Law

Administrative Lawyers in Jefferson City, MO Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C. attorneys are versed in the statutes and laws regarding administrative regulation and administrative law practice. They also have experience before many Missouri state agencies, including: The Administrative Hearing Commission The Public Service Commission Professional Licensing Boards The Department Revenue The State Tax Commission The […]

Business Law

Business Law Attorneys in Jefferson City, MO Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C.’s team of experienced attorneys are dedicated, hard-working and committed to providing superior legal representation in all areas of business law. Our attorneys have the experience and resourcefulness to vigorously represent all clients, whether they’re starting businesses, enforcing contract agreements, defending their businesses, or […]

Family Law

Family Law Attorneys in Jefferson City, MO Our family law and divorce lawyers at Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C. regularly practice in high conflict litigation and have a reputation for aggressive and tenacious representation. Our experienced divorce lawyers have been invited to lecture at various speaking engagements sponsored by the Missouri Bar and other community […]


Divorce is the process of dissolving the marital estate and returning each spouse to their separate legal state. The divorce process involves the division and allocation of marital property and debts, and often times, includes determining child custody and child support.   Divorces are either contested or uncontested. A contested divorce means that husband and […]


Adoption is the legal process of permanently adding a child or adult to a family so that the person will be known as the child of the adoptive parents as if he or she was naturally born to the adoptive parents. Adoption occurs through any number of ways including private adoption through adoption placement agencies, […]

Child Custody

We Will Fight For You Child custody is one of the most litigated issues in any divorce because there is rarely anything more important than a parent spending time with his or her child. The idea of spending every day caring and raising a child to now potentially seeing a child a few days a […]

Sales and Use Tax

Sales and Use Tax Attorneys in Jefferson City, MO Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C.’s attorneys represent individuals, as well as local, regional, and national entities, in sales and use tax litigation involving the Missouri Department of Revenue. Our firm’s services include representing clients in all stages of sales and use tax litigation from appearing before […]