Administrative Law

Administrative Lawyers in Jefferson City, MO

Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C. attorneys are versed in the statutes and laws regarding administrative regulation and administrative law practice. They also have experience before many Missouri state agencies, including:

  • The Administrative Hearing Commission
  • The Public Service Commission
  • Professional Licensing Boards
  • The Department Revenue
  • The State Tax Commission
  • The Department of Insurance
  • The Division of Workers Compensation
  • Division of Employment Security
  • The Department of Health & Senior Services
  • The Federal Tax & Trade Bureau
  • The Missouri Ethics Commission
  • The Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Control

Administrative litigation matters typically handled by the firm include:

  • Technical conferences
  • Settlement conferences
  • Depositions and other discovery
  • Formal evidentiary hearings
  • Petitions, briefs, and motions


The firm’s attorneys also frequently become involved in related court appeals, declaratory judgment actions, injunction proceedings and other actions related to regulatory issues.